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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spotlight-Quilled Starry Night

I already started writing a post for this week's SPOTLIGHT. I loaded the pictures, kept staring at the screen, but it was not working. I started going through all my bookmarks, my Pins on Pinterest, but did not see anything I really liked. I wanted to SPOTLIGHT  something awesome. Amazing. Awe inspiring. And then, I found it. I stashed this under a folder on my Chrome bar. Funny that the folder was titled "MUST SEE". I clearly did not look hard enough to see it in all caps. I opened it and right away I was awed. Amazed. It was just as awesome seeing this for the second time as the first time. How could I forget  Suzy's Quilled Starry Night?


 I have been following Suzy's Artsy Crafty Sitcom for a while and I even link to her party. She has an amazing blog, full of great projects. Out of her many wonderful projects this is my favorite. Her Quilled Starry Night simply took my breath away. Love at first sight!

Head over to Suzy's site and you will find many more gems. Most likely you already know her well, and read her funny posts. I love it that she feels so real. She is Not a Barbie with a glue gun but a real woman blessed with many different talents.

She inspired me to put on hold all the books our library had on paper quilling. I was thinking about making some Christmas cards to go with this month's challenge. What would you make with this technique?