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Sunday, August 28, 2011

SPOTLIGHT- Shrinky Dinks Buttons

I almost forgot about our Spotlight feature this week! This blog, crafts and sewing had to move down on my list of priorities. We are back to homeschooling full time instead of the lazy summer schedule and that means I am occupied with thinking of math lessons more than blogging.

Here is a little something from my looooong list of  "projects to do":

Aren't these buttons cool? You can find instructions right HERE.  I love the endless possibilities! You can write a simple message, or spell out your child's name with several buttons, any favorite images (how about some Batman buttons?), insignia, favorite team. You can turn your child's own artwork into buttons! And do not feel limited to making circle buttons. Make square, triangle or any shape and size you can imagine.  

If any of you make some, let me know! I want to check them out.