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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super Secret Invisible Ink kid craft

I've got a couple of kids who love the whole idea of spying and sneaking around. So for one of our crafts lately I pulled an old favorite out of my arsenal: Super Secret Invisible Ink. It brings back fond memories from my childhood.

I love doing crafty things that don't require a trip to the craft store, and this project falls under that umbrella. All we used were blank sheets of paper, Q-tips, and lemon juice poured into little bowls.

The kids dipped their Q-tips into the lemon juice and wrote / drew secret messages to each other. We let the papers dry, and then gathered around to decipher the mysteries. When the dried lemon juice is heated, it becomes browner than the paper it is written on, thus revealing the invisible message. I was planning on using the iron and ironing board to do this, but my friend from Hong Kong was hanging out with us and suggested we try her Ancient Chinese Secret. The boys were definitely more excited about using a candle and flame than a boring old iron, so we gave it a shot. I must admit it did add to the mysterious ambiance, but it took quite a bit longer, and when we got too cocky, we burned little holes in our messages. But then, burning things was as much fun for my sons as writing secret messages.
One son's message catalogued all the gross sounds the come from the human body, and the other's was an intricate rendition of a Star Wars battle. I'll spare you all of that and instead display my friend's delightful nature scene.
For next week's craft I plan to focus on flowers, rainbows, and cuddly bunnies.

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