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Saturday, August 27, 2011

"You Can't Always Get What You Waaant,..."

In our house, all of my boys know this famous song from the Rolling Stones. As a matter of fact, J. and I frequently answer with it when we hear something like this, "Mom, I want candy (gum, toy, watch TV, play X-box etc)!" But sometimes,  the kiddos do get what they want.
 Like when Mom caves in and
buys $11/yard Go, Diego, Go fabric online, that she spent hours hunting down. It helps if the kid asking has a cute face, adorable voice and is 2 years old. Yes, I admit it. It was me. I went ahead and broke my own rule of NEVER to spend more than $8/yard on fabric. Ever. Not even in emergencies. Using a coupon is allowed as long as the discounted price does NOT GO OVER said limit.  But the cute face and adorable voice  made me not care for my rule when I was browsing online and came across said fabric to the delight of my little boy. He jumped at the screen and I had to pry him off when he saw his beloved "Iego!"
Was it worth it? If you are expecting me to tell you that yes, it was, stop reading. No, it wasn't. I hate the fabric. It is not the print. I can live with that. But how horrible the quality is! For $11/yard cotton fabric I expected more. I could buy super soft organic cotton for $8/yard! With an adorable print too! This fabric feels stiff and harsh. Even after washing it several times. Not soft cotton. No. It feels more like polyester. Crappy polyester. I read the description. Several times. 100% cotton, quilting quality. Who would quilt with this? It took me a while to warm up to the idea of actually making something out of it. I did not like handling it. And I had to keep changing my upper thread tension, because the fabric thread count is obviously very low and not even. I hated sewing it and I hate seeing it, feeling it. I have bought fabric online before that did not meet my expectations. But this was beyond that. I got over it. I learned my lesson. I love my son(s) and I think they are worth more than having their Mom give up quality for commercialism.

 OK, I am off the soapbox. It's done. 2 year old loves it. He will grow out of it soon, and then I can toss it without any guilt whatsoever.

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