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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birthday Cakes Decorated

We used to live near many of my husband's aunts and uncles and cousins. Every month we would get together for a 'family birthday party' on a Sunday evening. Most of the cakes were sheet cakes with canned frosting spread on top. I wanted to make 'pretty' cakes or non-cake cakes- like cookie pizzas with frosting decorations, or 2-layer round cakes. Here are a few birthday cakes I've decorated.

My husband has made his own superhero logo, called the 'Smokin' Pencil' which I have illustrated on the top two cakes.

One of my kids has an October birthday, so you can guess what the common theme of that birthday is.

The 'Monster' Cake is not my original idea- It came from a cake decorating book for kids my mother gave a few years ago. I would tell you if I remembered the title-sorry! It uses common kinds of candies- laffy taffy tongue. The cake appropriately matches the personality of the child whom it is for. I used pastel Easter candy corn for the teeth- so buy some next Easter and save it!

I love using Wilton brand food coloring pastes to make really dark colors for birthday cakes. It's fun to have blue and green tongues! By the way- this unnamed cake decorating cookbook has the best butter cream frosting recipe! I'll have to look online to find it.

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