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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CULTURES: Djellabas and Kaftans

When I was little, my dad used to go to Algeria for business trips. He would occasionally bring home gifts especially when he had to be gone for longer periods of time. He has this nifty kaftan that he got on one of his business trips and would (and still does) wear on hot summer evenings. He has also been known to wear his turban in hot, dry weather for geological field trips. My dad let me borrow his kaftan (blue and white) so that I could copy it and make one for my husband.

I looked up and found that the kaftan has many names and many origins. The one in Algeria is called the 'djellaba' which is also worn under a large cloak called a 'haik'.
In Egypt, the kaftan is called a 'galabia' and is very similar to the djellaba.
In Tunisia, a similar piece is called a 'djebba', which sounds very similar to the 'djellaba' from Algeria. Cool, huh?

So... I wanted to make one for my husband, and he is really awesome and agreed that he would actually like to wear it! His favorite color is royal purple- he approved of this color. It's a really lightweight and loose weave. I used lots of decorative stretch stitches on my machine on top of the trim
The resource I used is Folk Costumes of the World by Robert Harrold and Phyllida Legg.

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