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Friday, September 2, 2011

Earrings and a New Adventure

It has been a while since I made some earrings. I usually do not wear them, but I do not want my skills to get too rusty. Some turned out better than others. Wire wrapping is a skill that does not come very easy to me. therefore, even though I do not wear earrings, I do make them occasionally for the sake of practice. Then I just put them in a small box and let them oxidize in peace.

I know, my husband thinks I am little nuts.

 I think I finally found a solution to my overflowing jewelry box
and my addiction to sewing bags (I have too many, but I love making them!) After a ton of research, debate with myself, my friends, hours of talking about it but not doing anything for YEARS { seriously, ask any member of my family or friends}, I stayed up way too late one night and opened an Etsy shop.

You know what was the hardest thing about opening a shop? The name.

 Do you have a shop? How did you come up with a name? It took me a long time and sometimes I think that was the only thing that held me back.

It had to be something that shows my heritage, even if I am the only one making the connection. And reflects my love of literature. Curious yet? You probably have not heard of a book titled, The Paul Street Boys

I named the store "Paul Street Shop". It may not be very original, but it reflects who I am. I love my heritage, the Hungarian culture and all the quirks it comes with. Like eating soup with chicken feet in it. Yes, feet, not legs. And pig jello. Technically, it is pork soup jello with parts of the pig in it. Like the hooves and ears.

(I am laughing just thinking about all the gagging sounds this post will produce.) True though.

The best part, that I am most proud of is the the picture of the building in the shop banner and button. It is a picture of the site where the "grund" would have been. That piece of land which two groups of boys fought over and for.

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