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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pear Butter

I love pears and it is one of the fruits that for some reason we eat more of in the fall. Unfortunately it is still too hot in Texas.

Saturday: picked up a box of Bartlett Pears from Costco, most of the pears were still firm to the touch, too tough to eat.
Tuesday: pears are already too mushy and starting to brown inside, kids do not want to eat them.

We had a couple of pears to eat. The rest of the box? Useless. I had to throw out one pear that was almost liquefied. The rest of the box? Made into pear butter!
 It is easy and simple to make pear butter and I did not really use a recipe, instead I looked at several recipes online and just kind of,
winged it. I used about 10 pears, washed them, removed the stems and cored them. Put them in a pot, added 1/2 c water and about 3/4 c sugar. I cooked it over medium low heat, until the pears cooked away. Removed it and put in the blender to blend up any chunks and the skin.
Put it back in the pot and added ground ginger and cinnamon. I have no idea how much. Much more cinnamon than ginger. I just kept tasting it until I thought it was perfect. Then just cooked it over low heat until it thickened up. That's all. We have had it on toast, on pancakes and the boys are eating it just right out of the jar. I don't think it  is going to last long.

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