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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Our children are back to school and are busy learning. This month let us, the parents  "go back to school" and discover the wonderful world we live in, the different cultures, foods and crafts different countries offer. 

 This month's challenge is Cultures. 

Pick a country you are unfamiliar with and explore it. Make a dish,
dessert or share a fun fact you learned. Research your chosen country's art, folk designs, famous artists and use what you learned in your own crafts. Check out some books from the library. You may find wonderful poetry, interesting mythology, or fun to read fiction from different authors. Include in your post information on what you learned, any links or sites you find that are worth visiting or books you read.

RULES: You cannot pick the following countries: USA, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Britain, Germany, Hungary, France, China, India, Egypt, Japan, Australia, Greece, Italy, Poland. 

The above mentioned countries are all well known or we each have some experience and knowledge about them.  If you are new in joining us for this challenge, please do not pick the country you are from. The challenge is to discover a new culture!

The winner will receive this beautiful printed cotton  ( medium-heavy weight but not upholstery with a nice drape). It is perfect for a couple of decorative pillows or a cute handbag! You could make a cute table runner too. It is not quite a yard, unfortunately the girl who was cutting it was new and she made a mistake.