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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Themed Halloween

While browsing Pinterest one day, I came across a very cute Halloween costume of The Queen of Hearts. Besides it being adorable, what really got me excited to recreate this costume was that I randomly had lots of black and red tulle in my craft cupboard. Had I not already had the tulle, I would have dismissed this as an adorable costume and end up digging in the dress up box for my one year old. She'd be cute in anything, but it REALLY is so much more fun to create and be crafty.

Pinned Image 
Inspiration Dress. Very nice.

When I clicked on the Pinterest picture to get more information on this inspiration, it took me to an Etsy shop. I personally was blow away that it was selling for $100. And it has sold! I needed a much smaller dress and love to spend the smallest amount for projects like these.
My little Queen of Hearts costume cost me less than $10 + supplies on hand.

My interpretation

I love themes for Halloween and decided to make big sister an Alice costume, in a similar style. Alice in Wonderland's dress is very simple and basic. I decided to add props. My eldest thought, she should have a halloween bucket shaped like a bottle that said Drink Me on it...cute idea. I had fun dressing up one of our stuffed rabbits to play the part of the white rabbit. Ms. "S" LOVES her costume and calls it her "halloweena" and wants to dance around. Alice's costume costs: $25. The leotard was the bulk of the cost.

Now why stop there. I really did try to talk my boys into being The Queen of Hearts' Knights, but they were more interested in being "scary" this year. I studied the original and then created myself a costume of the card who paints the roses red.

I loved making this costume. I had all the supplies on hand, got to try out making freezer paper templates for painting the back and did applique on the front. The black fabric is sparkly and stretchy.

My hubby must have been feeling left out and asked if I'd make him a costume. When asked what he wanted me to make, he said maybe the Mad Hatter. I know he'd rather not wear costumes and did it for me.
I found an AWESOME tutorial on how to make a mad hatter hat and you have to check it out, because his hat (whole costume) is brilliant! 

Remember, I'm frugal and did not want to spend money on hubby and my costumes. I changed the build or design of the hat slightly, by using my husbands cowboy hat for the rim and snugly fitting the cardboard buildup on top. I told my husband not to be intimidated by it's awesomeness. He was a great sport and wore it proudly. I do have to say his costume was the easiest to rig up and was a HUGE hit at our Halloween party! 

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

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