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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crafting with 3rd Graders - Folded Foil Christmas Cards, part 1

Q: How many Christmas cards and string ornaments can a class of 20 3rd graders and a few parents make in an hour and a half?

And that's a good thing because these will all be sold at our school's Lantern Fest on Nov. 11th. With four 3rd grade classes, we'll have lots of colorful, homemade things for sale. I really enjoy planning and organizing all of the crafts each year, then running the 1.5 hour session to make them. The first group I worked with made two types of holiday cards and some string ornaments.

Here's a picture tutorial for the snowflake card. Since I live in Germany, that's the language of the instructions on the first set of pictures! I made these little 'folding-plans' to help the kids fold a circle into a regular hexagon ('Sechseck' in German meaning 6 (sechs) corners (eck)).
For those of you that aren't getting the live demo:
- fold your circle in half,
- line it up with the little drawing, or fold slightly to mark the middle point of the side
- fold the right straight edge over from the middle point to that left blue line (1/3 of the way)
- fold the left straight edge over from the middle point to the right blue line (which is now the new right edge)
- trim off the top

- cut away a small 'V' from the middle point and a larger one on the opposite side, then cut 3 well-angled parallel lines on each side as shown in blue; open up carefully then fold down the cut pieces, starting with the outermost ones

Carefully glue your snowflake onto a nice paper and then that onto your card.

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