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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crafting with 3rd Graders - Scented Hanging Decorations

These seasonal scented hanging decorations are very easy to make but do take a few days of advance preparation in terms of drying orange and apple slices. I like the fun of adding found/scavenged items from nature walks to this (the 'berries' and rose hips) and using a cookie cutter to cut out pairs of shapes from sheets of beeswax. Beads, little jute stars, cloves and cinnamon sticks add to the rustic feel and lovely aroma.

Simply thread a piece of yarn on a large needle, make a loop for hanging and then sew on each of your items, making a knot in the yarn below each piece. For the little beeswax pieces, cut out two using a cookie cutter, line the thread up in the middle of the piece and lay the other beeswax piece on top, pressing well to have them adhere to each other.

I found the idea for these at
and, yes, that is a German website with lots of kids' craft ideas. 'Duft' means 'scent' and 'haengerli' is 'a little something that hangs'. Ganz klar! (Completely clear!)

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