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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crafting with 3rd Graders - String Ornaments

Has anyone NOT made one of these string ornaments as a kid or with their kids? Kids' Christmas crafts don't get much simpler - or much messier! - than these. Simply blow up a water balloon and wrap glue-covered string all around it, let it dry and finally pop and remove the balloon. Add a ribbon to hang it up!

Just a note or two:
This is VERY messy and drips a lot! Make sure your surfaces under the balloon are well protected.
For the glue, I mixed it very roughly 1-to-1 with water.
My string pieces were about 1 yard long. Dunk in the whole piece of string, then run the string through your thumb and forefinger to remove most of the glue.
Or you could try a version one of our moms used: wrap the balloon well with the string and THEN dunk the whole thing in the glue. This made for a LOT more dripping, but the balloons were very nicely and consistently covered.
It's amazing what you can get done in one and a half hours of concentrated work with a group: from just that one 3rd grade class, we now have about 30 string ornaments, 36 snowflake cards and 21 8-pointed star cards to sell at our Lantern Fest! And that's just for starters. Three more classes and 6 more crafts to go!

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