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Monday, October 31, 2011

'Cultures: Kuwait' Explained

I recently posted to the blog "Cultures: Kuwait". I'm writing to clarify the intentions of that post and my intentions as a poster. Show Tell Share's "monthly challenge" for the past 2 months was to explore another culture and teach others about it. Kuwait was the country of interest for me.
I love to learn about other cultures and beautiful traditions of dress. I majored in fashion design and have always been interested in historical and cultural costume. I love to see the culture every people has arrived at through centuries of forming it and living it. Below are some other examples international costumes I've admired.
I have no hate for other races or cultures. I have respect for other cultures and do not support racism, prejudice, or discrimination. I love peaceful people. I believe hate and racism comes from people who don't or won't understand other people. The post was intended to educate and broaden positive awareness about this culture's clothing.
I am not a professional writer, and this blog is basically just a group of friends sharing and telling.
The original post said I wore this clothing for Halloween, but when I realized it offended someone, I removed the content. The intent was to sound more 'personal' but it came out looking insensitive. It was not intended to make fun of the culture or to be 'funny' to wear. I apologize for any offense, as it was not intended.