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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plinko Board

I am apart of a little co-op music class for my daughters. My girls are really starting to enjoy it. It's awesome to hear my 3 yr old singing one of the songs at random and it's really cute to see my 1 1/2 yr old doing the hand actions. Well, with it be fall and Halloween coming up our little class is having a little party.
I signed up to do the bean bag toss, but last minute I decided to go a different direction. There is always a bean bag toss at festivals and such. I wanted something new and fun. Yes, these kids are only toddlers and they could care less. But then again, little ones don't have the greatest aim. So, I made my own homemade version of the game Plinko from the Price is Right. We randomly have this really big heavy duty cardboard box lid. I went out to the garage and used 3" screws from my husband's stash, a can of black spray paint and a drill. SO simple. There are five slots at the bottom that the ping pong balls can fall into at random. And it really is random. I am trying to decide which one to put a star in for the winning slot and I can't tell any hole I put the ping pong ball in at the top will consistently lands in the same slot. Yeah!

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