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Thursday, October 20, 2011

"I got my EYE on you!"

I am around, not sick or on vacation, my sewing machine is working, I have not injured any body parts to warrant surgery, boys are great too. Why no post then, you may ask. Well, I have been reading. I wanted to catch up on some books from a few favorite authors. Namely Cornelia Funke, and her book, "Reckless". It was a really fun read. And I have been cleaning. And going through our bins of boy clothes to find some jeans and long sleeves shirts(yes, it finally cooled down in Texas!). Also, shopping online for my 6'1" tall 12 year old son with a 27-28 waist size and 13 1/2 shoe size. Because it is getting pretty darn hard to get him clothes from department stores. I did manage to do a couple things this week. The younger boys have been begging me to make more reverse applique T-shirts. Since Halloween is around the corner and I see everything from pumpkins to shoes and handbags covered in googly eyes, I made some Cyclops T-shirts.
They were super simple to make and pretty quick too. You just need some T-shirts, white knit fabric or an old T-shirt you do not mind cutting up,
acrylic paint, and a half an hour of free time.

No pictures for this step. I drew a large eye shape on a piece of paper and using that simple pattern, cut out a few eyes from the white shirt.
Then I painted a large colored iris in the middle and let the paint dry for a few minutes. Next added the black pupil in the middle. And a small dot of white. Using red paint I added some random red lines for a bloodshot eye look. Oops...forgot to flip the picture.
 Once the paint dried on all the eyes, I turned a shirt inside out. Pinned the Eye right side down on the wrong side of the front of the shirt. Stitch around. I used my walking foot. I prefer it when sewing with knits.
 Now, the fun part. Turn shirt right side out, and start cutting away the fabric to reveal the 'EYE'.
 Don't forget to heat set the paint. Just throw the shirt in the dryer on 'cotton' setting for 15-20 minutes. Have fun with the shirt!
You can really have fun with this project and customize it to your liking. You could make a bunch of eyes in different sizes or put an eye in the back instead the front.

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