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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Satchel and how to make long, thin straps

Let me introduce you to my new best friend: Satchel. It comes everywhere with me. It has been by my side none stop for the last few days and I have to say, I love it!

I love the playful fabric (Hobby Lobby),
the long, thin strap,

and the cute pocket on the front.

You can find the pattern here. My absolute favorite part is the long, thin strap.

 I have made other bags too and even though I liked their shape or design, I always ended up having issues with the strap. I am still carrying a toddler around on my hip and having a bag with long straps that let the bag fall bellow my hip is great! It lets me carry my 2 year old around without interfering and I can switch him from side to side without having to switch the bag too!

I learned that there are two easy ways to make a long thin strap. The strap I made is 43 in. x 1 in. I cut a strip of fabric 43 inches long and 3 in. wide and used 1/4 in. seam allowance.

Method 1. Great for fabrics with less texture or lighter weight. Need a large safety pin.
Fold strap in half length wise with right sides facing, sew along the length.
Pin safety pin on one end, turn and slip through opening and start threading the safety pin through the strap.Gently pulling the fabric and pin on opposite ends.

Iron down and top stitch on both sides. Refer to Strap Method 2 to finish ends.

Method 2. Great for heavier fabrics, fabric with more texture or loose weave.
Cut fabric in half length wise to get 2 pieces of 43 inches x 1.5 inches strips.
Sew along longer side.

Iron down ¼ inch on both sides. Perfect time for using this handy tool you can make yourself.

Fold in half and iron. Top stitch to close. Top stitch on opposite side. Make sure to leave ½ -1 from edge open.

Fold in and iron.

Pin in place and sew together.
Now you can easily attach it to any kind of rings or hooks.

Finished strap.
You can make long, thin straps for belts, dog collar, dog leashes etc. Lots of possibilities!


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