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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5 Things To Do With Halloween Candy

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Halloween is over and most of us are going to have a lot of sweets on hand.
The first thing I always do is take the candy out of Trick-or-Treating buckets and bags making sure to keep each child's loot separate.
I go through the whole stash and remove all candy (gum) I do not want in the house. I may sneak a few Twix pieces while I am it. Then, I get plastic storage bags, label them with names and put each child's stash away.
There are 7 bags on this picture. I only have 4 boys and one is now too old to Trick-or-Treat. I know it is not adding up right. The top 4 bags are filled with candy from each child's stash. I hide them until Christmas, when they will be reunited with their Halloween sweets....
Yes, I use Halloween candy to fill stockings. Mean, cheap? Maybe, but it cuts down on the amount of candy they consume after Halloween and it is one less thing I have to worry or spend money on at Christmas.

What to do with all the candy still left?
I could just throw out the extra candy, but I feel that it is not respectful towards all of our kind neighbors who spent their hard earned money to buy candy for Halloween.

  1. Eat the candy. This one is on the top of the list, since we do eat most of the candy. However, moderation is the key here! I set the limit at 4 small pieces or 2 big pieces of candy a day. I usually let them pick a small treat after lunch and dinner.
  2. Share it. Do you work in an office? Do you have your own shop? I am sure your co-workers or customers would love a small treat once in a while. Put a bowl out and share it!
  3. Send it to our Troops. This will take a bit more time and effort, but you could make it a fun family activity! Write a letter or card to go with your package and pick out candy (you may have to separate chocolate, since it could melt!) to send to a group of soldiers serving overseas. Here is a site you can go to help to get you started Operation Gratitude
  4. Donate it. Your local food pantry and nursing homes generally welcome donations of candy. Make sure you call them before you head over with a bag full of treats, in case they have guidelines on what kind of candy they accept.
  5. Bake with candy. Real Simple has some great recipes. 

Do you have your own tips and trick in dealing with all the candy? Please share it in the comments.

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