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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crafty Kids- Make their own skirts!

Dora and I have been talking about doing more crafty things with our kids, we both love making things, and we both love hanging out with our kids, so it seems like a good way to accomplish two things at once. To tell the truth, Dora's always been much, much better at it than I have, and she's often been my inspiration in that area. So last night I was surfing the internet for crafty inspiration, and I came across this great post, "How To Sew A Skirt When You Are 5 Years Old". The writer of the post had been inspired by this thoughtful post, which I also read and so even though it was already 8:30 at night, I figured, hey, we get an extra hour tonight (daylight savings time), let's make some skirts!

My daughters are eleven and twelve, and while they've done a little sewing, they've been bugging me to do more with them, so they were thrilled. They went through my stash and each of them chose a fabric. As it happened, the blue and white paisley corduroy my younger daughter chose is a fabric I bought six or seven years ago to make her a dress. Ah, the days when a yard of fabric was enough for a whole dress for her. It was perfect to make a skirt, though. My oldest chose a beautifully embroidered light weight denim that I'd found at a thrift store last year.

For the denim skirt, we did the most basic pattern possible, just a long rectangle of fabric sewn into a cylinder, then hemmed and gathered with elastic. All she had to sew were three straight lines. We just happened to have found a beautiful lacy tulle underskirt at a thrift store a few weeks ago that looked perfect peeking out from under it.

For the corduroy skirt, at my daughter's request we added a contrasting solid band at the bottom, and with only a yard of the main fabric, we had to cut it in half then sew those halves end to end to get the length we needed, so there was a little more sewing involved, but actually still only four straight lines, not bad.

It took us a little over two hours, not the one hour I'd projected, but the sense of accomplishment they had when we were done was well worth it. They were so proud to wear their skirts to church today and show their friends what they'd done. Neither of them has been particularly clothes obsessed yet, for which I'm grateful, but we completely skipped the back to school shopping ritual this year, which is easy because they're homeschooled, but even at that, they've been making noises lately wishing for a few new things. I loved seeing the light in their eyes and the wheels turning. My middle daughter asked me today, "How many yards of fabric did it take to make this skirt?" When I told her just one, she followed up with, "And how much per yard was that Amy Butler fabric we were looking at the other day?" Yeah, she's hooked.

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