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Friday, December 23, 2011

Last MInute Knitted Hats

Over the Thanksgiving break, I made a trio of baby hats for a lady at church, my first and probably only ever commissioned knitting job.  I didn't mind doing it, but the yarn she gave me was super fine lace weight yarn, and those little hats took forever to make!  But I did find a great pattern, that save for some Kitchener-ing, was super easy and super cute, with little bear ears.  Here's the one I made at Thanksgiving:

At the beginning of December I thought, "I could make that hat for all my little nieces and nephews, if I used bigger yarn it'd go quickly, and I bet I could even figure out how to adapt the pattern to make a dinosaur hat for my dinosaur-loving nephew."  But my better judgement dismissed that as crazy-talk, six hats?  No way.  Then a couple of weeks later, the idea resurfaced.  I didn't have any knitting projects going on and my hands needed something to do.  So I bought enough yarn for one hat to see how fast it went.  I finished it later that day, so I went out and bought the rest of the yarn, and I did it.  Six hats in four days:
As you'll notice, I did figure out the dinosaur hat, too.  It wasn't perfect, the center point isn't shaped exactly like the others, but for my first attempt at pattern making on the fly, I'm pretty pleased with it.  Now back to the yarn store so I can make some hats for, ahem, my own children.
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