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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Last night we assembled our gingerbread house. We have been buying gingerbread house kits for years and we always had success.
Obviously, not this time.

Like most women, I dream of the perfect Christmas.
The whole house sparkling and everything decorated beautifully, all presents wrapped perfectly and neatly, having a huge feast prepared with delicious and beautiful cookies and desserts...everyone singing Christmas songs, and we are all happy and filled with the Christmas spirit.

I will be the first to admit I never had a Christmas like that, something was always missing. But other years at least I felt more put together, like an imperfect gingerbread house standing proudly. Not this year.

This year I feel like our poor gingerbread house in the picture: not standing, just existing. But I am immensely more grateful for the birth of Christ this year, for His redeeming sacrifice and for His love. I know that through Him, everything is possible. It is possible for life to feel normal again, for a broken heart to heal and feel merry and joyful again. I know this because of my testimony in Him, because of the wonderful promises of the gospel of Christ, because I know Christ lives and because I know He continues to guide us through  a living prophet today. I  realize sharing my feelings of faith may cause some of you to feel uncomfortable and may even turn a few away, since this is a craft blog after all. But it is who I am and this Christmas season I wish to share this huge part of who I am with you.  I hope that you can feel my sincere intent.

This Holiday Season, regardless of our faith or traditions, I hope we can all recommit to live together more peacefully, to share our hearts and talents with each other, and to recognize that even when we may feel lost or broken, we are never alone.

 May your Christmas be all that you wish for!