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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Slightly Healthier Goody Bags

After two cookie exchanges in three days, we were all cookie-ed out.  We try not to be all about the refined sugar anyway, so we wanted a goody bag to give out to friends and neighbors that was more reflective of who we are, but still yummy and appealing.  Someone came up with the idea of apples and caramel sauce.  I bought bags and bags of small organic Honeycrisp apples (my favorite!), and we got to work.  It was really a family effort, and unlike many family projects we embark on, we managed to have fun doing it.  My daughters cut out the Christmas trees and glued them on the bags, my husband and son made the caramel sauce, and I made the jar labels.  The girls did most of the assembly, too.  It's great to have older children!   I love how they turned out, and the ones we've given away so far have been well-received.  The goody bag, or tin, is one of my goals every Christmas that usually goes unrealized.  I'm proud of us for simplifying it to the point that we actually got it done.  Now it's time to make the rounds and deliver them all!