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Friday, December 9, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: Sibling Gifts

This morning as I perused the internet for interesting family photo ideas, one thing led to another as it always does, and I stumbled upon this amazing blog. This happens a lot, and I bookmark it or add a photo to Pinterest, subscribe to the feed, etc., but this is the first time I've been so impressed I just had to write about it here. Probably everyone else in the world, or at least the blog world, has already found DesignMom, in fact, I the name rings a bell, I must have heard it before, but I've never actually been to the blog. A mother of six (!), she somehow finds time to write a fabulous blog about where design and motherhood intersect. What caught my attention today were her great ideas for handmade sibling gifts. I was going to take the easy way out this year and have my kids buy books for each other at our favorite thrift store (and we'll probably still do that, too), orchestrating handmade gifts seems like such a hassle, but this blog has inspired me. If this woman can do it with six kids, surely I can pull it off with my three.

Here's what I love about her ideas.

1. Most of them involve materials that are either inexpensive or something I'm likely to already have on hand, like these embellished gloves. $1 gloves + embellishments on hand=awesome personalized gloves for each sibling:

2. She has some unusual ideas I haven't seen other places, like these leather hat patches:

3. She seems to have a good handle on picking age-appropriate things that the children can really do mostly by themselves, something I tend to struggle with. I love the in action photos of the little ones doing their thing, like with these glitter initials:
You can find some lists of the many, many other creative things her kids have done for each other here, and here, and here.