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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wood Burning Gift Ideas

I know my lengthy silence has raised questions by my fellow authors and maybe even some readers. Let's just say, my personal and family life has been challenging enough that in the past month I did not have the time, energy or even the spirit to create. My challenges remain, but thanks to encouragement from fellow authors, I decided to come out of  my little seclusion and move on despite my trials. Since I have not made anything....really, nothing(!); I am showing off my 12 year old son's talent and  craft.

This is a small, 5 x 7 wood plaque he made with a wood burning tool. Every year, I include handmade gifts on my list for family and friends. I always end up not having enough time to complete all I want to make, but most projects I do finish. To me handmade gifts are important. Even as I pick a project, I do it with a certain person in mind. I enjoy spending time on making something for someone I love. This year things did not go at all as I planned and I had to realize that I could not make too many of the gifts on my list.  I needed help. I asked my 12 year old to help make something special for a few relatives. After some thought, we decided that the wood burning tool I got as a present from said 12 year old boy, was collecting too much dust and he should try it out. At first he was hesitant,
but he kept practising and he found that he really enjoys wood burning. Since he has gotten quite good at it in a short time, I asked him to make replicas of a few pictures. The first one he made is of a lighthouse. Admiralty Head on Whidbey Island is a favorite of his aunt, who loves lighthouses. After I printed off the picture in the right size (5x7), my son placed the picture on the wooden plaque and traced the outline and some details. 

He then followed the light groove the pencil made on the plaque with the wood burning tool. Even the simplest wood burning tool comes with a few different heads, to give you a variety of lines to burn into wood. As you can see, he made good use of the different heads. He is already working on a sailboat and another picture. The wood plaques are so economical (I got our at Walmart for less than $1 each), that you can easily grab a few. You can make customized name plaques, maybe a family motto. You can use a wood burning tool to decorate wooden frames from your favorite craft store. The possibilities are endless. My son started eyeing a small shelf and a some boxes to decorate next.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of him, his talent and his creativity. And I love the fact, that I can now turn to him to say, "Hey, we need a gift for...Do you think you could make something?"

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