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Friday, January 13, 2012

Articles of Faith Chain

I made these this morning as a model for my Activity Day girls to see.  Every time they pass off memorizing and understanding an Article of Faith, they will add a number representing it. 

Last year, we tried to teach them basic macrame and then use that to put the numbers on, but it took longer than we expected.  I like the ball chain- more durable and easy to add to.

It can be worn as a large bracelet or anklet, or they can attach it to their backpacks or scripture cases.

Each chain is about 9 inches long.  Each set of ball chains will make 12 chains.

To make a necklace, you would cut each about 18 inches long to make 6 necklaces from each package.

I found a set of three 36-inch ball chains and 18 connectors at Michael's.  I already had the wire, wire cutters and round jewelry pliers, which are all from Hobby Lobby.  All the of the beads I also found at Hobby Lobby last year.