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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Handmade Sketchbook

I'm pretty pleased with the sketchbook I made for myself on Thursday. It was very easy to make (just paper sewn together basically) and I like the unusual but nice square shape. I've started doodling in it already!

This doesn't involve any fancy work.

1. I used nine pieces of 20 cm x 40 cm paper and folded each individually in half with a bone folder (to make a very good crease). Stack these in each other.

2. I cut my piece of decorative paper to be 30 cm high (to include a pocket about 9 cm high) and 42 cm wide. Fold up the pocket (9 cm from the bottom). Your paper should now be approximately 22 cm high. Crease well. Then fold in half (the left side over to the right) and crease well. Open up again.

3. Using a ruler and the tip of your bone folder, draw a crease line on both the right and the left edges, about 3/4 cm wide. Fold this in and sew down each hem, sewing the pockets closed.

4. Line up your pages in the middle and carefully sew down the middle.

The full instructions for this easy sketchbook with very nice detailed photos can be found at:

I'm thinking of making a mini calendar in a similar fashion to carry around in my pocketbook. I'll probably use the same paper, which is actually a nicely textured gift wrap paper.

Have a good day!