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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Lovely Christmas Present

I was so lucky to get this Musterbuch (German for 'book of patterns or samples') from my sister-in-law. She found it in an antique shop in Poznan, Poland where she lives and thankfully thought of me! I have seen collections of tatting, fine crocheting, ribbon lace, embroidery, etc. like this in museums and always longed for something similar for myself, but have yet to do such intricate work myself.

Inside the embroidered fabric wrapping, are 3 thick sheets of paper, each mounted with beautiful samples of tatting, fine crochet work and, I believe, ribbon lace.

According to the information my sister-in-law got from the antique dealer, these were made by a Polish woman (either of German descent or attending a German-run school) who had to make these samples to show off her proficiency for a degree in needleworking. Interestingly, the woman's name is Helene, the same name as my youngest daughter, so that has made this little collection even more meaningful.

This was a wonderful surprise present - one I'll always treasure - and my sister-in-law was thrilled with my effusive thanks! I hope you enjoy these photos as well.

Have a super day!