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Thursday, January 19, 2012

THE PERSONALITY NECKLACE - and how to attach front drilled pendants to a necklace

I finished a new jewelry project last night and showed it off to Wendy today. When I asked her what she thought, her answer was : "That's a personality necklace." She nailed it. This necklace does need someone with the right personality!

I designed it around the gorgeous blue, large sliced agate pendant. It took me a while to find the right beads, shapes, colors....finally it feels everything came together. I wish I had a glass display case, I could just put it in there and admire it.

I have always been fascinated by stones and I love the look of sliced agate pendants. Finally I was able to use one I absolutely love.  And I got to use one my favorite findings! I have been asked before what are some tools or materials I always use or could not do without when it comes to jewelry making. First, it's wire protectors! These little bitty horseshoe shaped findings help prevent fraying at the clasp.

Which is the most common place for wire to weaken and eventually break. I use it in all of my jewelry. I discovered them a few years ago, when they were only available in just a few places. Today, you can even find them at Hobby Lobby!

They are super simple to use, just thread the wire through, add the clasp and the crimp bead, crimp, and start stringing!
 Another great advantage is that it gives your work a more professional, clean and finished look.

 Another great product is bails. When you come across front drilled beads, a beautiful sliced geode or stone,  you have to either use jump rings or make your own loop from wire to be able to attach it to your design. Or you can use bails, which are fun, easy and look great too!
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 Here is a simple bail. There are beautiful designs out there that can make a pendant really stand out. No need to fuss with jump rings or making the perfect loop from wire. Just put the pendant in the middle of the bail, push small tooth into the hole of the pendant and squeeze the bail shut. That's it. In about 3 seconds, you have a great pendant ready to put on a chain for a simple necklace.

If you want to spice up your design a bit with charms, add them before you close the bail shut. 

That's it. Bails and wire guardians make your life much easier and add so much to your piece!

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