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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Temple Wall Art

 Recently I saw Mandy's (Sugar Bee Craft) Giant Picture Tutorial. I knew it would be great for many things and I pinned it for later. Then, I read President Thomas S. Monson's challenge for 2012 and I felt it was really important for me to do something to help us remember his wise words. I do believe that if we follow his counsel, we will have a much more fulfilling life.
After reading through his talk several times, I decided on what I wanted to use.

Attitude - we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.
Believe - in yourself, in those around you and in eternal principles.
Courage - to face whatever challenges may come our way.

It is a fairly long quote, not something I wanted to stencil.  At first I was going to try vinyl but felt that was going to take longer than I wanted, then I thought about printing it out and frame it, but that would have been too small to see. Back to Mandy's great idea - it was perfect for my purpose. I just needed a picture. I asked my talented sister-in-law, Carlen if she had a picture of the Seattle Temple I could use. She takes wonderful pictures and I really hoped she had some. Thankfully she did, although they were from a friend of hers. She kindly offered to go and take pictures for me if that was not what I wanted. The pictures she sent were perfect, just what I needed. I added the text, then went over to Staples to have them print it out. I asked for 2 engineer's sizes, I was not sure how big I wanted it to be.
This is the picture I used with the added text.

I used black foam boards from Hobby Lobby and they worked out great. 

I ended up using the smaller print. And using glue, I added a hook.

This is the bigger picture. It is huge, more than twice as large as the other one and I am not sure where I will put it yet. Maybe the playroom? 

This is quick and very satisfying project. I am grateful for all the talented and wonderful bloggers, friends and family who are willing to share their ideas and knowledge! 

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