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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Timeless Pearl Earrings Gift Idea

Late last year, I made a pair of white pearl earrings to send to a friend. I wanted to create a timeless design that will withstand the quickly changing trends and can be worn anytime knowing that you will look great.

Right before I put them in the gift box, I snapped a couple of pictures then mailed them.

 Fast forward to this year...
 Right after New Year's Day as I was updating my calendar I realized  that I already have several friends whose birthdays are coming up very quickly. I like to give handmade gifts. However, sometimes sickness, an especially busy week or just feeling a creative block when it comes to making something  prevents me from doing anything. And I always feel bad after a last minute rush to the store to grab a gift I feel is only a half hearted attempt.

As I was looking at all the birthdays, I admit I felt a bit discouraged. I really thought that this year I am going to have to give up on handmade gifts. Then I though about making some gifts ahead. I sat down with my bead box and after making a few pairs of earrings, doubts started to come. How do I know R will like these? How about B? I cannot remember her favorite color! And then I got tired of thinking up new designs when I felt I had to. Obviously this was not working. I went to the computer and started looking at all the earring designs I have made, in the hopes that my creative juices will start flowing again.  I came across the simple and timeless white pearl earrings and I decided to try something new.

I went ahead and ordered enough supplies to make 20 pairs of  pearl earrings with small gift boxes. Once the supplies arrived, I set down to make all the earrings at once. I worked quickly and was not put off by the repeated design. I put them in the gift boxes and stashed them in the closet. I still hope to be able to make something unique for friends, but it feels great that I do not have to stress about it. Knowing that I do not have to run to the store last minute when I do not have the time to make a gift feels great!  And I know I am giving something I can feel good about to friends.

Here is the supply list with links if you want to recreate these earrings.

bead caps
small round beads
earring wire
ball-end head pins 
gift boxes

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