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Monday, February 20, 2012

Alphabet Wall

I do have to admit that I have had this on my wall since we did June's Monthly Challenge. But now that I got my ugly round table out of this room (Yippy!), I'm now ready to show it off. Letters D, E, I, L and R were hung as is.  I added a coat of paint to C, F, O, Q, T and Y. And I Mod Podged scrapbook paper to letters A, B, K, N, P, S, V, W. Letters M, U, X and Z were homemade, while letter G was remade, with good reason.

I have to add my experience that I used to make a point to my husband when I came home from Joanns fabric store. I had gone to buy some 1/2 off letters WITH kids in toe. I came home and realized I make bad purchasing choices when my thought process goes something like this, "Do I want my G to be big or...stop poking your sister. Okay, these are half... get off the cart son." and on and on. I came home and took out my purchases and wonder how in the world I would buy such a terrible G. I really should not take kids shopping with me when I need to think ;) Ha ha.