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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do-It-(for)-You Desk

I'm excited to show off our finished desk. Of course, it wasn't me who build, but I'm still really proud of it. I've been wanting desks for our school room and found this desk at Pottery Barn. I love that you can rearrange the desk to where the cubbies are on the right or left side of the desk. I was really excited to find that Ana White had building plans for this exact desk. Definitely made my husband's job easier. 

Bedford Small Desk Set
Pottery Barn's Bedford Small Desk Set
Our DIY desk.
I am SO happy with the writing surface. My hubby did a beautiful job. It needed to be strong, solid, dark, very smooth and don't forget pretty.  That's not asking too much, right;)

Notice the cubbies are now on the right. I love that function. We plan on having two of these desks. I feel that it gives me lots of options for different seating arrangements.