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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fork, Knife and Spoon

I've had this blank wall in my breakfast room that has been begging to be decorated. I came across this and decided that would be something I could do and like. 

I love working with wood and think it's awesome to be able to complete a project without assistance or supervision. After I drew my utensils I showed my husband that I was ready to use his Dremel. He looks at it and says, you don't want to use dremel, you want to use a jigsaw. Hmmm.

Lucky for me he said that knowing he could  borrow one from a friend. I just set it up on the living room floor and figured out how it use it and cut away.
After sanding it, I used satin paint called Caviar. I attached them to the wall with command strips. Those things are awesome. 

I'm happy with the outcome and feel it was a simple enough project, that if I get sick of it, I won't feel bad replacing it. With this done, I'm thinking I'll cut out the silhouette of a rolling pin and hang that above the wet bar on the other side of the breakfast table. 

Side note: I was told this cute little saying to help you remember what side the fork goes on when setting a table. "The knife and the spoon had a party and the fork left" Also, just from doing this project I learned something new (albeit, a tad shameful) I have been setting the table wrong all my life! I was on my last coat of paint and had the thought, "Oh no. I cut the knife facing the wrong direction!" Apparently, you are SUPPOSED to have the knife face into the plate, as it is more safe. So now, neither my kids OR I have an excuse for setting the table wrong!