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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Langos - Hungarian Fried Bread Recipe

Hungarian Fried Bread or Langos is a yeast bread with mashed, boiled potatoes in it and fried in oil. My Mom and I often grabbed some from a street vendor in Budapest and had it for dinner. It was always delicious and I loved it fresh and hot, with sour cream and cheese on top!  Of course you could ask for it with cinnamon sugar on top....

or jam . 

But I always had mine with a sliced garlic clove rubbed all over it, topped with sour cream and shredded Gruyere or Emmentaler cheese. 

Langos Recipe

3 large potatoes, boiled,  still warm
7 - 7 1/2 tsp instant yeast
3 tsp sugar
4-6 cups all-purpose flour
3 Tbsp vegetable oil
2 1/2 - 3 tsp salt

1. In a large bowl, mash warm potatoes, sprinkle yeast and sugar on top. Add flour starting with the smallest amount, oil and salt. Mix until combined.

2. Turn out on floured surface and knead for 5-7 minutes, adding flour as needed. The dough should be smooth, elastic. 

3. Grease or spray a large bowl with cooking spray, put dough in and cover. Let rise in a warm place until double in size. 

4. Separate dough into 1/2 c size portions. Shape portions into balls.
 5. Cover and rest for 20 minutes. Heat about 1 inch oil in a frying pan to 350 Fahrenheit. Roll out or flatten balls with hands to about 1/4 inch thick. Let rest for an additional 5- 10 minutes.
 6. Fry them one at a time until golden brown on each side. 
 7. Drain on paper towels and serve them warm with your favorite topping.

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