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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nerf Vest

My 12 year old has a huge arsenal of Nerf guns. He bought  most of them with his own hard earned money. Every other Friday he has a Nerf gun fight with his friends. They divide up the guns, the Nerf darts, they take apart the couch and build bunkers and forts in the halls and the middle of the living room. And they shoot at each other for a few hours. It usually takes me a week to find all the stray darts they failed to pick up.My inconvenience is a small price to pay for the fun and laughter I hear from my room, where I hide out during their battles.

I noticed  that every time we go to Walmart or Target, he wistfully looks at the Nerf Vests.

However, he really did not want to spend his hard earned cash on a vest. 
So, I decided to make one for him. He picked the fabric, and I just rummaged through my stuff and made do with what I had.

I took the easy road wherever I could. Bias tape all around! I used a T-shirt he had to make the pattern. I should have narrowed the shoulders for a true vest, but he told me not to bother.
I guess he has some plans for me to add something?!

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