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Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Technique Learned - Sewing with Elastic Thread!

I am still quite a novice in the sewing department and most of my sewing involves patching the knees of my son's jeans (an arduous and unfortunately never-ending task apparently). But I have this fun, lovely shirt that I bought in Melbourne 5 years ago and the sleeves are just too long and the cuffs too wide to roll up.

I finally had the brainstorm to sew some elastic on the cuffs so that the sleeves wouldn't continually flop down over my hands. I found this great tutorial on sewing with elastic thread in the bobbin and it worked like a charm! The tutorial is from bellajeanboutique and says and shows it all in a quick 3-minute video. What a great solution and easy to do as well!!

While I was at it, I also repaired the necklines of two clown outfits. AND I took a cute, but horribly stained summer dress of my daughter's and changed that into a skirt.

It looks super skinny with the 3 rows of elastic, but it fits my petite little one like a charm! Fun stuff, eh? It's great learning something new!

Have a nice day!