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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Notepad of my Daughter a la da Vinci

My daughter Sophie is studying fashion design in Madrid and a recent assignment was to photoshop her own face onto a work of art. She chose the da Vinci painting 'Young Girl in Profile in Renaissance Dress'. I loved how well this turned out that I decided to use this for a notepad to have with me all the time to admire!
First I loaded the photo into my standard Preview option. (On my Mac, Preview is how I look at .pdf files.) There I selected out the portion I wanted and I saved this to a file. I used this new picture to make another mirror image version and saved that separately. I then put both facing each other into a Word file and printed it out on thick paper (160 gr.) using my laser printer.
I cut some paper to size for the pages, folded them in half, lay them inside the cover and sewed the whole thing together down the middle. I thought I was all done - ha! The stitching was way too tight making all the pages almost completely ripped down the middle and the folded edge was horrible.
Not discouraged, I took apart all of the pages and now had a separate front cover, back cover and a lot of individual pages to go in between. I lined up the pages and poked holes at even distances. I lined those up with the covers and made appropriate holes there, then sewed the whole thing up with some pearl cotton.
That turned out pretty nicely, but the edge was still fairly raw and I decided to add a little bit of extra decoration. I tied a few more strings of matching pearl cotton to the top back and covered the edge with a strip of paper. (Too bad I didn't think to add the edging before the stitching - I think it would have looked nicer, but it certainly would have been harder to glue on the edging to the unsewn pages.)
I braided the strings and added a couple of charms. The final touch was added a coat of Modge Podge to both front and back covers.
I can't wait to show my friends, but that's actually because Sophie did such a great job to begin with! I just took advantage of it!

Have a great day!