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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Really Big Picture

 This was an awesome project that cost me $10 and took me 10 minutes (slightly exaggerated) to complete! 
First I took a picture of S and R out front. I tried to get them both smiling and both looking at the camera. But they were so 
interested in that little bird splashing in a puddle on the driveway. 
HA! I wish. My backup attempt was letting them watch Wonder Pets on the ipad. 
For shame...

I followed Mandy's instructions from her blog. Dora did the same project too: temple wall art. I had printed my picture at Office Depot and Dora did hers at Staples. Office Depot's printer is really old. I saw Dora's and Staple's printed much better. 
Here's the finished product on their bedroom wall. I love going in there and seeing my girl's sweet faces. I have been searching and searching for just right thing for that wall. This goes perfect with the rest of their room. I'd love to get large vinyl lettering 
of "I am a Child of God" to put to the left of the picture. The centering on that wall has to be shifted to the right due to the closet and bedroom doors.