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Saturday, February 4, 2012

UFOs - UnFinished Objects

We all have UnFinished Objects laying or rather hiding around the house. A knitting project  started a few  months ago still sits on the desk only to be moved around. A stack of fabric all cut out, ready to be sewn into pajamas, shorts, shirts and skirts is getting higher every month. Half strung bracelets and necklaces can be found here and there among beads. Unfinished scrapbook pages piling up.

I am just as guilty as everyone else, although I usually do end up finishing my projects. Even if it takes me a few weeks (months). But, there is one project I started on about 3 years ago that was finally completed only last week. A Family Home Evening board. 3 years ago (or maybe even 4?) I had our boys paint wooden tags. And then I was supposed to paint a simple board and put hooks in it.

Sounds really simple, doesn't it? Well, it should be. But it took me this long to actually make up mind to do it!

 Well, at least it is done. Although I think it may be time to make some new tags...

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