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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Boxes

We just had our homeschool Valentine's party. Loved that it was a week early. My youngest's valentine box "got" to be her stuffed dog's dog house. I realized it would be a bad idea to stick her name above the door, but it made a really easy functional valentine's card box. 
My next child loves to help me and I was terrible. She picks up the paint brush and asks if she could help paint the branches and 
I said no, you have a nice shirt on. I guess I was having too fun reliving my childhood. So, I made sure the next morning before baths I let her paint a squirrel however she wanted to and we put it in the tree. She loved it and was so excited for the party.

My son wanted his valentine's box to be a tank. I told him I wasn't quite sure how to make that. My 10 year old volunteered to help him and together they made an awesome box. They were cute and asked if the could take pictures of the process so I could put it on the blog.
 10 yr old's instructions
1. You need one oatmeal box, cut in half and one box of Corn Flakes. Cut holes in the boxes. The hole in the corn flake box needs to be smaller than the oatmeal box.
2. Mix white and green paint together.
3. Roll a piece of green construction paper tightly and stick it in a hole. The gun can be as long as you want it. 
4. glue oatmeal box to the corn flake box and paint the whole thing green. 
5. Glue the wheels on the tank and add heart bombs. Add bottle cap to top.
6. After collecting cards, open and enjoy.