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Friday, March 23, 2012

Airplane T-shirt- an Inkodye project

This was one of the projects I really wanted to during Spring Break but did not get around to. Plus my youngest is slowly growing out of napping, therefore it is harder to do projects that require the daylight - like playing around with light sensitive fabric dye: INKODYE.

Description of pictures from Left to Right: (1) On a page protector I cut up, I drew an airplane with a black Sharpie marker. I had to go over my lines a couple times to make sure they were dark enough. (2)Then I taped a rectangle large enough to fit my image on the T-shirts. I used Scotch tape. (3)Next I got everything ready; gloves, brush, dye, container to put dye in. (4) I slid a cardboard (wrapped in Saran wrap) under the T-shirt and started painting the dye on the shirt. Once I was done, I took the T-shirt (with the cardboard still inside) out in the sun. (5-6)The next two pictures show how the color started to develop.

(7)Finally, I removed the sheet protector and exposed the picture a minute longer. (8)Then promptly washed it in warm water with detergent, scrubbing well to remove all extra dye. (9) Next step was to put it in the dryer and once dried, letting my son wear it to bed and all day next day. At least I know he likes it!

Notes: You can tell the image is a bit faded looking where the sheet protector was covering it. Even though the sheet protector is clear, it still blocked some UV rays. Plus, the longer it was under the sun, the more condensation started collecting under the sheet protector, which I think added to the problem. Also, I tried painting on canvas...did not turn out well. It did not absorb the dye evenly. I am already working on the next project with linen. 

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