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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bleach Pen to the Rescue

Somehow I managed to get a very ugly stain on my lovely light yellow Lee pants and I tried to get it out.... unfortunately the item I washed them with ran and my pants came out blotchy...AND the stain wasn't gone! Ugh. Rather than dying my pants entirely, I decided to turn to my bleach pen. Following Dora's directions, I added various squiggles, swirls and flourishes up and down the worse of the two pant legs.

Then I washed the pants again, which thankfully also removed a good deal of the extra coloring. All in all they turned out pretty cute. Certainly I can still wear them in public once the weather warms up!

I also added some flourishes to a shirt that mysteriously got bleached in a few places. (No, this actually was NOT from the above project... or anything else involving bleach since I rarely touch the stuff.) I added perhaps a few swishes too many and am not quite sure that I would wear this in public, but as a new fabric might make a cute bag... :) It also has very sweet buttons!

Have a lovely day,