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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Inkodye Project #2 - Ginkgo Leaves Printed Fabric Failure

You read it right. It was a failure.  I found out about Inkodye from one of my favorurite blogs, How About Orange. Jessica not only writes a fun blog, she also designs fabric which I love and I always drool over.  Anyways, she made a fun print with safety pins and Inkodye. And made a cute zipper pouch with it.
See? It turned out awesome!

I also saw one made with paper clips, but I cannot find it where it was. I reasoned, that if I use thick crafting wire (which was thicker than paper clips), then I could create a shape - any shape and get equally great results. 

I had my heart set on ginkgo leaves. It was fairly easy to shape the wire. I made a few in different sizes, I even made sure they were flat. I prepared everything, arranged the leaves with a few additional wire details, took it out in the sun and waited.

The linen fabric I used was turning a beautiful shade of orange. 

But when I removed the wire ginkgo leaves....nothing. Not a single line. Seriously, I could not even find a faint line. Just orange. 

Well,I still have some blue and red Inkodye left...I may just go get white quilting cotton and try again. With safety pins. Because I know that will work. 

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