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Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break

Even though we homeschool, I follow our local school district's schedule when it comes to breaks. This way, our boys get to spend time with their friends and hang out more.

I also look forward to breaks, because I get to sew or work on crafts totally guilt free. No lessons to prepare, books to read, trips to the library...I get to spend daylight time working on my projects without giving up precious sleep.

In my anticipation of spring break, I ordered a few fat quarters and half yard fabric cuts and I was so excited when they got here. Some Joel Dewberry and great chevron prints.
 I even got a great surprise right as Spring Break started! Inkodye from my husband.
Light sensitive fabric dye, these have been on my wishlist for a while. I could not wait to play around with it!

I made it to Hobby Lobby the first day of Spring Break and picked up wooden eggs. I was going to woodburn a few and try Inkodye on the rest.

Today is Friday and looking back on the week I realized that nothing went as I planned.

This is how my Spring Break went:

Monday I ran errands, cleaned the house and made plans. Two of my boys went to a fantastic  Secret Agent Birthday Party. I hope Wendy will tell you all about it, she did an amazing job!
I was ready to start my plans on Tuesday.... instead we hosted a huge Nerf Dart war with friends. Wednesday I watched a friend's two small children and we cleaned up my two middle sons' room. I mean CLEANED it. Top to bottom, every nook and corner. And had a lesson on how to throw things out. And what we can keep. 
Thursday was my laundry day, that was the day I found out that the weird things I have been experiencing is hormone related (NOT pregnant!), I have very low progesterone levels.  I read a lot on hormones and stress and what I can do in addition to using progesterone cream. 
I vowed that on Friday I will do something craft related. 

Instead we spent most of the day at a park....
 Friends came and while we watched our kids run around, we talked about life. 

Even though life does not always work out as we planned, there are great surprises along the way. Some are even better than what we could ever come up with on our own. So, there are no regrets. The fabrics and dyes will just have to wait a little longer.