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Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY Screen Printed Motorcycle T-shirt

Click for  DIY Screen Printed T-shirt tutorial. 

After the first screen printing project I felt brave enough to try a bit more detailed design. This took a bit more planing. Once I printed off the image, I sat down and figured out which areas I wanted to paint and marked it. And also all the areas covered in glue had to be thought out and marked. My original image was more detailed, so I had to cover up some areas with too many lines.
 Here is the original image, a coloring page from here. (Scroll down on the page. )

 You can tell when I copied it on the screen I skipped details. 

This image should give you an idea how I planned it. I skipped even more details once I realized it would be hard to get thin lines with the brush.  Grey = glue or blocked areas, red + white = screen printed area. 

I really like how it turned out and the best part is I can make more! I used to really like how quick and easy it was to use freezer paper for stenciling. But that was not reusable. DIY Screen printing may take a bit more work, but after washing the screen off I can reuse it easily. The glue stays and does not wash off.


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