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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good, Old-Fashioned Crafting Fun - Loop Potholders

Two days ago I went looking for something for my son when I came across our old plastic weaving frame and a bag of stretchy cloth loops for weaving potholders. Inspired I brought it up for my 5 1/2 year old daughter to try out and she was thrilled. She loved picking out the colors to lay down the first set of loops and then the weaving went fairly smoothly with the help of the metal hook: first you weave the hook up and down through the loops on the loom, then you attach your new loop onto the hook and pull it on through. Simple enough for a kindergarten kid to do!

After all the weaving was done, I tried to
remember how to get the potholder off of the
loom. My quick internet search only showed
using a crochet hook to pull one loop end
through the adjacent one, but I remembered
doing all of that by hand. So, starting with a
loop at a corner, I removed it from its peg and
then lifted off the next one and slipped that
through the first, then the next, etc. continuing
all of the way around the frame. It got a bit tricky towards the last side when all of the loops
starting slipping off of their pegs because the
tension was gone from the other three sides, but
my daughter held things in place for us.

To end off, I knotted the last loop around the first. We were quite pleased with our result.  I love the thick texture of it.

The next day, I couldn't resist making one all by myself.


What a charming little craft that is! I'm so glad we revisited it.

Next project: finger knitting! I already bought some pretty, multi-colored yarn today!

Have a super day!