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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Window Light Versus Steady Stand SS300

Last week I received a Steady Stand SS300 from Modahaus.  I was one of the crafters chosen as part of theTotally Tutorial's Exchange Program. After I made the Chain Mail Bracelet Tutorial  using the Steady Stand, I wanted to play around a bit and compare how pictures turn out with and without using the Steady Stand. { I was NOT asked to review the Steady Stand and I am not getting paid for writing a post about it. I did receive it for FREE and in exchange I was asked to make a craft tutorial using it - which I already did . So yes, this post is a  freebie for the Steady Stand.  }

First of all. It came in this handy little sleeve that you can use to bounce light. It was super easy to set up, I did not even glance at the directions. Now, onto taking pictures!

I have a small point and shoot camera, that's considered a dinosaur by today's standards. Taking good pictures is a bit trickier with it and it does involve me tinkering with the set up and the pictures quite a bit. Here you can see how I usually take pictures. If it is really sunny, I take pictures by the window. If it is overcast, I go outside with my white cardboard background. Simple, but I always have issues with shadows.

I set up the Steady Stand SS300 right by the window and started taking some pictures. At first I used my good old basic setup then I took the same pictures using the Steady Stand. Here are the results :

These pictures were NOT edited at all and I used "easy" setting on the camera - I did not change any settings (white balance or shutter speed). I really just pointed and shot the pictures. I got the BEST results by the window when the sun was shining right inside and I used the Steady Stand. You can see the difference in the shadows. For the Chain Mail Beaded Charm Bracelet Tutorial I took pictures while I was showing how to make the bracelet, inside the Steady Stand. It felt a bit awkward to have my hands inside the Steady Stand, with the camera laying on top with the timer set. I also had a bit trouble seeing what I was doing. I think a video tutorial might be a better option for the stand, since at least you do not have to worry about the timer going off or adjusting the camera all the time. I may have to try that.

However, I LOVED how I was able to take good pictures with little effort. Instead of having to take dozens of pictures, constantly playing around to the get the light right and then spending a long time editing them further, I was able to take much better pictures right away. Overall I think this is a nifty product. I liked how easy it was to photograph my jewelry and get good pictures. I also think it works much better than a lot of DIY light diffusers or reflectors. (Trust me, I tried a few and always ended up throwing them away, because they were too much trouble and I did not think the difference was big enough to be worth it. )

I am really happy that I got this little gadget to help me take better pictures, I only wish they made simple and easy light diffusers for larger projects too!