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Saturday, May 12, 2012

End-of-Year Teacher Appreciation Gifts

 It's that time of year again.  School is winding down and I think my sons' teachers are angelic for their love and patience with my rascals.  Especially these last few weeks before summer vacation as Spring fever mounts and they become even squirrel-ier than ever.  (The sons, not the teachers.)  Last year I made a custom apron for my son's teacher, and while it was very cute, it was also a lot of work.  I needed something easier this year.  And inexpensive, since we have several teachers to thank.

Amy Locurto posted a cute idea a few weeks back on her blog, Living Locurto.  I loved that it was simple, inexpensive, and looked nice.   AND, assuming my kids didn't kill it on the bus before school, their teachers even got a flower to plant.

I found the cute little watering cans at Dollar Tree for--you guessed it-- a dollar.  The plants were a six-pack at Walmart for under $2.  I had tissue paper on hand that I used to keep the plants from moving around in the can.  The ribbon was from my stash.  And I downloaded the adorable labels right from Amy's website Amy Locurto's cute tags.  That brought each gift in at under $1.50.  I'm thinking that I should probably recognize Sunday School and Primary teachers too!  It IS Mother's Day, afterall.  Now if I can just keep the flowers alive until Sunday...

Happy Spring,