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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let's Be Honest...

...aka Janice's sudden need to be philosophical.  (Please note that these are my ramblings only and don't necessarily reflect the thoughts of any of my co-bloggers here.)

One of the blogs I subscribe to has recently featured a post entitled 'Things I'm Afraid to Tell You.'  This is part of a ripple going across the ocean of blogs out there.  It is essentially a reaction from bloggers who feel pressured and lose confidence or get discouraged or a tidge jealous by seeing too much prettiness and perfection on others' blogs.  On reflecting on their own blogs, they feel they've been hiding their real selves from their readers, showing instead some perfect post/craft/home/style self.  A lot of revelations have been posted.

I am not here to post any revelations about myself, although I suppose some things will show just from what I type here.  No, I just want to say that I posted a reaction to the one blogger and I'd like to pass on some of that here. 

In my opinion, so many bloggers, especially the dedicated, long-run ones, have been showing their real selves all along and my summary is this:  
- they are amazingly generous with their time and the skills that they share,
- they work some crazy hours,
- many are frugal,
- they have a good eye,
- and, if they want to make some money on all of this generosity, then they put in even more work to have some sponsors and sell a portion of their work online.

All of those things say a lot to me about the person and that's enough for me to know.  Really, it's no different than going into a store, a museum or even just walking down the street and seeing something you really love - you don't know who made it, but you really appreciate it and the fact that someone was cool enough to have that flash of brilliance to conceive and the skills, materials and patience to make it.  And that's how I feel about many bloggers, that "WOW, he/she is so amazing!" 

BUT, in addition to that, I always think "I am SO lucky to have seen this!"  And that seems to be where I differ from the bloggers mentioned above.  I am just grateful.  Perhaps I am unusual, but I have no compulsion to emulate or be jealous or strive or feel depressed.  Similarly, these blogger folk just make me happy and I am constantly appreciative of all that they selflessly give away.  And if they can make some money on the side, all I can say is "Go for it - you've earned it!" and often, "Yes, I will pay you for your talents and I think it quite proper!"

I think everyone appreciates a job well done, whether it is a beautiful work of art, an exciting book, a nifty craft technique, a catchy song, a delicious meal or a freshly-mowed lawn.  If you can appreciate it, then it should make you happy and nothing else. 

Here's my little revealing part:  I am really an average person, jack of all trades is saying way too much and I'm certainly a master of none, with the possible exception of motherhood, but to that I credit my kids more than myself (more on that later possibly).  As a not-so-creative person,  there's LOTS for me to appreciate, so it doesn't take much to make me happy. Okay, maybe I'm a master at happiness. That makes me a very blessed person.

Thanks for reading.
Go look for the little things to be happy about!
And have a lovely day.