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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Transparent Star Window Decorations

Our one bedroom has a gorgeous view out onto our now-lush green garden and the afternoon sun comes streaming in through the window which takes up the entire side of the room, bathing it in light and warmth.  I thought that a little variation and texture in front of the glass would be welcome.  A few months ago I bought a strand of yellow-green glass discs that look quite lovely, but are not quite enough.  I wanted something like a suncatcher, but slightly 3-D. 

I came across this video tutorial for an origami star/snowflake and decided to make several out of colored transparent paper, picking up the colors of spring outside the window and of the glass discs.  These stars each take a good 25 minutes to make, once you get the hang of each of the steps and used to working with the very thin transparent paper, but the folds are nicely intricate and cause lovely variations in the coloring when the light shines through them. 

I strung them up on invisible nylon thread (that stuff is no fun to work with), making two strands of 3 stars alternating with just a few beads to keep it light and airy.  Now I have my strands of stars flanking my strand of glass discs!

Have a super day,